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Robot Framework for highlight.js

Robot Framework syntax highlighting works now with highlight.js. See details from GitHub.

This is how it looks like with pojoaque style. There are close to hundred ready-made styles for highlight.js if and when you disagree with my choice of style :)

*** Settings ***
Documentation    Simple example demonstrating syntax highlighting.
...              Multiple lines.
Library          ExampleLibrary
Test Setup       Keyword    argument   argument with ${VARIABLE}

*** Variables ***
${VARIABLE}      Variable value
@{LIST}          List    variable    here
&{DICT}          Key1=Value1    Key2=Value2

*** Test Cases ***
Keyword-driven example
    [Documentation]    Most amazing
    Initialize System
    Do Something
    Result Should Be    ${42}
    [Teardown]    Cleanup System    # Being a good citizen

Data-driven example
    [Template]    Keyword
    argument1   argument2
    argument    ${VARIABLE}

    [Tags]    tag1    tag2
    Given system is initialized
    When something is done
    And things are ok
    Then result should be "42"

*** Keywords ***
Result Should Be
    [Arguments]    ${expected}
    ${actual} =    Get Value
    Should be Equal    ${actual}    ${expected}

Then result should be "${expected}"
    Result Should Be    ${expected}